Do you want discover the best computer watercoolings on the web

Do you want discover the best computer watercoolings on the web


Hi community ! today, i write for you an articles for you doing discover of computer with watercooling system. I share with you the best computer and best system.

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Wish you know more information on watercooling systems?

The computer heats up once you are on for a long time. Watercooling helps to cool it down and keep it in a good running condition. Each watercooling component has a specific role and it is recommended to respect their respective assembly to be sure of their proper functioning.

Presentation and importance of watercooling watercooling is a device that allows cooling a PC. Its role is to lower the heat of the various components of the pc (microprocessor, graphic card, hard disk, ram memory etc.) when it is often on. As such, watercooling can replace aircooling, which is the classic cooling system integrated in all computers. Watercooling has many advantages.

First of all, this water-cooling system extends the life of computers.



Impact waterblock :

They are based on the impact of very high speed jets on pins or hollows located on the waterblock maze. This principle allows the efficient release of heat on a precise location, it allows the use of a thin metal base.

These waterblocks generate moderate pressure losses. They are quite common in the market. Their performances are superior to those of hpdc waterblocks. – microchannel waterblocks: these waterblocks allow the principle of hpdc waterblocks to be used to the extreme. They are based on particularly expensive and complex manufacturing processes in order to achieve the finest possible channels with a considerable exchange surface. They offer excellent performance, but only a few models are made by enthusiasts, so they do not exist in the sale.


The performances are given as an indication because they depend on a number of factors, including the composition of the heat-transfer fluid, the technical characteristics of the pump and the diameter of the pipes. Operation of a watercooling cpu the water is heated by the components and then has to be cooled for the system to operate free of charge.

Thus, with the pipes, the water circulates through one or a few radiators. The water passes through the radiators and the air that very frequently passes through them, thanks to the fans, cools the water contained.

Principle wc look at the tdp of watercooling the tdp means thermal design power and is a value that is expressed in watts. You will find this measurement in the data sheets of 2 components, the processor and the cooling system (cpu fan / watercooling aio).

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